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Ames is a New York based makeup artist, bodypaint artist and educator specializing in fashion. She is best known for flawless, naked looking skin as well as her creative flair. She is a freelance artist who regularly teaches at the accredited Nina Makeup Artist School.

Ames spent her childhood in Singapore and England which sparked a fascination in fashion and culture. As a theater enthusiast in high school, she began applying makeup for others. Her love for drama and it's characters are evident in her work today. Her passion is driven by individual expression and evoking emotion through artistry. An expert with color, and a keen eye are all part in her ability to simply enhance or fully transform.

She is versed in editorial, runway, commercial, corporate, film and art projects. Some highlights include NYLON, i-D, Vogue Ukraine, Cosmopolitan HK, NBC's Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris, Project Runway, Eckhaus Latta, Telfar Global, and 'Mother's Milk' a multi-published, photography exhibit containing a live installation.

Ames is also available for private appointments and classes.